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Definitive Video Productions began in 1999. Paul Cadogan started the company after four years at art college and several years working for production companies producing programmes for clients such as Rolls Royce, Land Rover, Jaguar, British Aerospace, Lotus, GlaxoSmithKline and many large corporations. He also began working with a number of charities. The company soon established links with satellite broadcasters, producing television programmes and station continuity. It was during this time that Definitive began to establish a reputation for creativity and engaging visuals using computer graphics and animation.

Today Definitive Video Productions work with a great variety of clients in the corporate world as well as agencies and production companies making programmes for large corporations. The company continues to work with charities particularly on fund raising video projects.

“Professional standards are just the starting point for everything we do. It's simple, you use the right people and the right equipment to get the best results. We make sure we're going to communicate well, working with good concepts and good scripts. We shoot in High Definition and 4K, we own the equipment we use, spend time getting the sound and lighting right. Then we work on the edit, using creative graphics and putting the programme together to the highest standards.

We really try to offer something distinctive and give people an end result that's more than they might have expected. If people don't think that what we're making is great, then I think we're doing something wrong.”

Paul Cadogan
Definitive Video Productions

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