Motion Graphics

We try to bring some elements of animated graphics into every programme we produce. We’re not just talking about spinning logos and moving text.  Indeed often programmes can be entirely composed of motion graphics, using no video footage at all. In other projects video footage is realistically combined with computer imagery to stunning effect.

We create 2d and 3d motion graphics, cartoon character animation, and build sequences using compositing which is combining multiple layers of images to create an effect. Using animated graphics we can make almost anything happen visually, the programme is no longer limited to what you can see through the camera lens, now the possibilities are endless.

“Motion graphics really brings another dimension to video production. A strong piece of music and the right visual treatment can completely change an audiences response to a message.”

Paul Cadogan
Definitive Video Productions

See some examples of our work click on Vimeo.

If you would like to find out more about the terms and phrases used in video film making, please refer to our glossary.