Multi-Camera Video

Multi-camera video

Here we might have three, four or five or more cameras at an event and an outside broadcast (OB) truck receiving the pictures from each camera and mixing them live for recording or for large screen projection at the event. This type of live coverage is used at music festivals, concerts, conferences and live webcast events.

In conference coverage we’d work closely with the AV providers ensuring we supply the optimum video output for the equipment and screens they are using as well as provide facilities for live web-casting.

Live music events are very demanding and having the very best cameramen and a good director is essential. If the mix is going out to live screens there isn’t room for mistakes. It’s very exciting!

We use a High Definition portable production unit for all these projects giving a stunning pin sharp result on big screens and recorded media.

If the recording is for a DVD or Blueray, in addition to the mix, we’ll record individual camera feeds. This allows edit changes to be carried out after the recording, giving more options in the edit and a tighter result to the final production.

See some examples of our work click on Vimeo.