Comprehensive Services

Definitive Video Productions offers a full range of video production services, all to broadcast standards.

Making a start

We can get involved right at the initial stages, talking through different creative approaches and ideas to start the process rolling, then move onto the detail of writing scripts and composing interview questions. Some clients are happy to develop these paper tasks themselves and we’ll step in at the filming stage.

We’re shooting in 4K and HD which are high resolution formats giving a great quality of image. We own all our camera, lighting and sound equipment so we’re not compromising quality anywhere.

The Crew

We can supply one, two or three man crews. A one man crew works well for simple shoots where the cameraman is lighting and running the sound.

A two man crew usually consists of either the cameraman and producer or cameraman and soundman. The producer will often run interviews, asking the questions and making sure we get what’s needed. We generally only use a soundman when we’re mic’ing several people at once or where sound conditions are difficult to control.

The three man crew (and they’re not all men) will be a cameraman, soundman and producer/director for more complicated shoots or just where that’s what the client expects.


Events, conferences and studio coverage often call for several cameras to be used at once. Here the feeds from each camera are mixed live and recorded or perhaps sent to a large screen for the audience. this is what you’ll find at a large conference or live music event. This kind of recording might call for a crew of four to eight or more.


Everything to this point is know as ‘production’, editing is the part of ‘post production’. Generally we’ll work through all the footage, colour grade, and put together a first edit with music and text etc. We’ll send the client a copy and they’ll give us feedback. We’ll make changes until everybody is happy and the edit is complete. Clients are welcome to sit in on an edit if they wish, but that’s not necessarily the quickest way to work. Visual effects are part of the editing process so we might create some complex animated graphics as all or part of the film.

The finished product

Many programmes are to be used on the internet, intranet and in conference presentations and we can produce whatever file format is needed. We can produce files for YouTube and other file sharing sites. Gone are the days of DVDs which are much lower quality than the mp4 files we’ll usually supply.

See some examples of our work click on Vimeo.

If you would like to find out more about the terms and phrases used in video film making, please refer to our glossary.