Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

Definitive Video Productions offers a comprehensive range of video production services all to broadcast standards

Creative concepts

Assisting clients in the initial stages of concepts and ideas can make for a more creative solution. An inventive way of approaching the project will in the end result in a far more effective outcome. If we can get this right at an early stage the entire production is going to benefit.


Gaining an understanding of the subject that the video will tackle is of course essential and we’ve always found that through working closely with the client on a script or perhaps reworking a clients initial draft will bring the best results. Script changes can continue to be made as the production progresses even into the edit. The final script usually takes the form of a narration or voice-over and may also include interview footage, or questions for later interviews.


We now have the capability to shoot in 4K as well as HD, and all our crews are hugely experienced in camera-work, lighting and sound recording. We own our equipment only hiring in more specialised gear

We offer one, two or three man film crews.

One man crew

For the simplest of shoots such as an interview or documentary actualities we would use a single cameraman with camera, lights and microphones.

Two man crew

For more complex interview set ups where we might be recording the interviewer as well as the interviewee, or where there is more than on person being interviewed at a time we’d use a two man crew. In this case you either have two cameramen or a sound man and cameraman.

Three man crew

A Three man crew might include a director, cameraman and sound man. We might use a three man crew in cases where we’re thinking harder about the shot compositions or there may be a number of different set-ups to complete. The director may also act as  interviewer.

There are shoots that involve more cameras or more complex sound and lighting which might mean we’d need to bring in further crew. If we were to use ancillary equipment such as ‘autocue’ that would require an extra crew member.

Multi-camera shoots

Events, conferences and studio coverage often call for several cameras to be used at once. Here the feeds from each camera are mixed live and recorded or perhaps sent to a large screen for the audience. This kind of recording might call for a crew of four to eight or more. (link to multi-camera section)


We edit on both PC and Mac platforms. Usually the client needn’t sit in on the editing process unless it’s particularly complicated. At appropriate stages in each edit we’ll send preview files which the client can download and review.

Animated graphics

Most productions today include some form of animated graphics, from a simple logo build, or displays of graphs and flow charts etc. right through to the visually compelling special effect work. (link to Animated graphics page)

Final output

Many programmes are to be used on the internet, intranet and in computer presentations and we can produce whatever file formats the client requires, such as mp4s and quicktime. Live web-casting is another option. We can produce files for YouTube and other file sharing sites, mobile phones, DVD, Blu-ray, Flash projects and for Broadcasters.

See some examples of our work click on Vimeo.

If you would like to find out more about the terms and phrases used in video film making, please refer to our glossary.

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