How much will it cost?

Everything we work on is unique so we don’t have a rate card or a set of packages that we want you to choose from. Charges come down to the very simple formula that we charge £400 for a one day shoot and £400 for a single days edit. Charities will be offered discounted rates.

A £400 shoot gives you a single crew cameraman with High Definition kit including camera, microphones and lighting.

Some jobs will require a two man crew made up of a cameraman and soundman, where we’re recording several voices or there are more demanding sound conditions. Other jobs might require two cameras with cameramen or perhaps a director, where we would charge £700+.

A £400 edit day gives you a full days edit with the use of all the visual effects that are a hallmark of our work.

The simplest programmes we might be asked to make which involve something like an interview or a presentation recording and a simple edit, taking a day to shoot and a day to edit will cost £800. If it’s possible to complete the work in less time then it might be less than that, but £800 is a good guide as to where our prices start.

More typically training, promotional or fund-raising programmes will involve more than this and prices will range from £1200 upwards.

Multicamera coverage will always be quoted for on an individual basis as there are always lots of different factors to consider when covering conferences or events with several live cameras.

Additional costs on any production might include travel, music copyright, hire of additional specialist equipment that might be required. Obviously this would all be agreed with the client before the job commences.

We’ll stick to the price we quote. If we’ve given you a price for a production and we go ahead with the job we won’t be coming back to you with extra costs. Unless you change your mind as to what you want the price will always stay the same.

See some examples of our work click on Vimeo.