Why Use Definitive?

Why Use Definitive?


Professional results are the very least any client should expect. Good pictures, good sound, just knowing what you’re doing, every video producer should be delivering that. We shoot in High Definition and in 4K working to broadcast standards throughout the entire production.


Definitive Video Productions has been making video programmes since 1999, with that much experience you begin to know what will work and what won’t work almost instinctively.


Ideas are free so a great creative solution to a programme isn’t going to make it more expensive but of course it will make it more interesting, memorable, even compelling.


We like to agree a price with a client and then stick to it and because we want to do a good job we usually give people more than they’re paying for.  We’re offering people a very high standard of product for a price of something much cheaper.


Most of our work is repeat work, we have long standing clients as well as production companies and agencies that use our specialist services. They come back to us because they know they’re going to get a good job.

People like us

It’s great to work with people from different backgrounds. We might be working with the CEO of a big corporation one day and people at a homeless project the next. We enjoy what we do and hopefully it shows.


“We really want to exceed peoples expectations, it’s too easy to get ‘adequate’ corporate videos made, we want to produce something that leaves an impression, something that will keep the message at the forefront of the audiences minds”

Paul Cadogan
Definitive Video Productions

See some examples of our work click on Vimeo.