Full Range of Productions

Corporate video

The majority of our work would fall into the category of corporate promos. In either internal communication or into the market place. These are the kind of jobs where we like to demonstrate some creativity, it’s too easy to make something ordinary. A key here is understanding the clients business, it’s important to absorb as much as we can about what the client does and what they want the programme to communicate right from the start of the process. A client will come to us with a brief or an idea and they expect us to bring to life.

Training video

Clarity is vital whether a training video is as simple as a recorded seminar or a complete graphics based production. A training video has to be engaging, if you want your audience to absorb a whole series of ideas you have to find a way to communicate well. We’ll help a client take their key themes and turn them into a programme that works. It also has to be easy to watch so good sound and pictures are essential in creating a high quality video production

Conference video

This will usually consist of three cameras and a live screen (see the multi-camera section). As well as the live picture recording are made for downloads on the internet or intranet, live webcasting is also possible from conference events. We’re often asked to produce conference highlights videos which use footage from the three camera mix as well as footage shot around the event perhaps including comments from delegates and speakers. This video is completed with full effects and animated graphics and shown as part of the final session of the conference.

Broadcast television

Definitive has produced a variety of programmes for television from thirty second adverts to thirty minute documentaries and programmes based around live events. Working in television demands the highest technical specifications and we think this helps to ensure that everything we produce is completed to the highest standards

Charity video

Working with charities is always a rewarding experience, whether for a fund raising campaign, a project launch or a promotion. Often, charities are asking for an emotional response to a production and this gives a great deal of scope to think creatively and find new visual solutions to the task

Live music coverage

This is another use of a multi-camera set up where live pictures are sent to big screens at music festivals and concerts. Here we might also include moving cameras on a track or jib. All the camera feeds, from perhaps 5 cameras, can be recorded so that the mix can be refined and re-edited after the event to produce DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

See some examples of our work click on Vimeo.